Bonjour Keto

With this second book “Bonjour Keto”, it’s more than 500 photographs styled and shot by myself that our readers can discover to guide them confidently. 

Le grand livre de l'alimentation cétogène

With this first french best-seller  “The great book of ketogenic diet”, I combined 153 keto recipes with 200 photographs shot in natural light and a bright culinary style which are my signature !

For EatFat2BeFit membership

As the co-founder and culinary creative of the french keto website “”, I offer all my recipe creations in pictures to prove how yummy and easy the keto lifestyle is.


It’s always an honor to collaborate with amazing brands to highlight their products in my unique food photography style.


As a content creator and blogger, I can’t miss an opportunity to shoot every sparkle of joy and happiness all over the world.

Social Media

Being able to create content for social media engagement is more than ever a key to success and this is one of my skills too.